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Pokulator Pro is an advanced poker odds calculator for Party Poker that automatically detects the cards, calculates the odds, and profiles all of the players at the table. Pokulator Pro teaches you the odds as you play, helps you make educated decisions at the poker table and increases your chances of being a winning player. Pokulator Pro calculates winning % vs every other hand, tracks stats for everyone at the table, determines odds to make each hand, displays hands that have yours beat, auto-detects the cards and table and is secure, encrypted, and 100% spyware free. Check the odds, Raise your game.
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Poker History

The history of poker reaches back many centuries if you include games similar to poker but with different names.  Poker as we know and play it today is a product of 19th century America.  The following articles and bibliographies will point interested readers to an introduction to the history of poker and to the many books that have poker as their subjects.

Bibliography of Poker Books by Genre
Rich McComas and other dedicated poker fans have compiled the best list of poker books on the web. Here is the list ordered by genre.
Bibliography of Poker Books by Date
Rich McComas and other dedicated poker fans have compiled the best list of poker books on the web. Here is the list ordered by date of publication.
Bibliography of Poker Books by Author
If you ever needed to see almost every book published about poker, here is your source. Compiled by Rich McComas, this extensive bibliography is organized by author last name.
The Spread of Gambling and Poker
Poker became part of American culture as the game spread north and west of New Orleans. From the riverboats, to the streets of San Francisco, to the boom towns of the Old West, the game was a popular success.
The Origins and History of Poker
Poker is one of the world's most popular card games. The question of who invented this great game may never be fully answered, but there are some tantalizing clues.
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Poker History
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